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Prim and Proper Boutique's Mission Statement: To create quality and unique apparel for Bride's and their wedding parties, while offering superior customer service. Our mission is to focus on customers' needs and exceed our customers' expectations.

Prim and Proper Boutique and Nude Dolly are more than just my full time job; it's my life. I love making fun and fashionable apparel that allows people to express their mood, attitude, and personality. Being an entrepreneur has always been in my blood. Every since I was a very young, I have been selling stuff and starting little businesses. While most kids set up lemonade stands, I was setting up brownie, cupcake, and snow cone stands. I was always so anxious to grow up and start working that at the age of thirteen, I applied for a workers permit since I was under age to work in the state on California, and got my first job as a party hostess at a kids venue, similar to Chuck E Cheese. Once I got into high school I started selling my used text books to under class-men by getting out the school phone book and talking directly to the parents. I would find the price that my high school was selling the books for and tell them I would give them a 15% discount on my copy. And keep in mind, this was before the days of Amazon and the hundreds of websites dedicated to this type of business. I remember a customer telling me once, "You're going to make it someday." Man did those type of comments feel good. I grew up in a household where education was the holy grail and working for yourself as an entrepreneur was not seen as being "successful". I really was a weird kid. None of my peers were like me. In fact I don't think I even told my friends about this little side hustle. I wanted to finish college asap so I could start working and make money that I even completed a year's worth of college credits while simultaneously attending high school my junior and senior year. I've sold all sorts of things online, from books to jewelry and now I'm just selling apparel. Even though I do not use my B.S. in marketing or my education I got from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles, I'm happy I was able to complete my degree and do something I love. 

I would never be where I am today without my mom. Sadly she passed from cancer when I was 24 and never got the opportunity to see my business, but I owe her everything. In 1987 she adopted me from S Korea and raised me in San Jose, California. In that alone, I am so lucky and grateful. She sent me to the best private schools in the Bay Area and opened every door she could for me. My mom was a high school teacher and could sometimes be overly strict, but as I get older I am pretty pleased with how I was raised. She taught me to treat others the way I want to be treated, which is also a rule I live by when conducting business. I make sure to treat customers exactly the way I would expect to be treated as one. Even when I get the more difficult requests from customers, I make sure to treat them with respect. Every time she would drop me off at a friend's house while I was growing up she would say "Mind your Ps and Qs". She said it so much to me that I even opened my 4th Etsy shop called Mind Your Tees and Qs, where I sell funny shirts (now called Nude Dolly- ) . I've been through a lot at a young age and have only been able to survive and endure the chaos because of how I was raised and the adult my mom molded me in to becoming. I wish she was here to see the person I have become because I know she would be so proud of my little business and its success.

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